Pumpkin Seeds

Well, I’m just sittin’ here eating some pumpkin seeds and saying hello to the universe as expressed here at WordPress. I think that it does behoove us to be sweet these days, because everyone has just about had enough. Hence the pumpkin seeds and blog writing at the moment.

Let’s all think of how fantastic it is that there are books to read, movies to watch, and stories to tell each other about what is incredibly ordinary. It’s been chilly today, and I got a hair cut with my mask on with no problem.

Quiet time is the best time, and it is not always that one does get to use the word, “behoove.” I think that I used it correctly, and it is a blessing not to be one of those folks for whom “behoove” is a regular word to be using for normal conversation.

No, these are indeed strange days, and my hope now is to pray and be sweet, wear a mask and be kind. It’s the best I can do. My dog is minimally trained and not always nice, but she’s my second best friend. My husband is number one. My cat is so cool that she just leaves for a couple days if she is not feeling well, and comes back with no ill feelings, but happy to see her food bowl and get some pets.

I had my first shot! Did it on Wednesday, and am scheduled to go back relatively soon for the second dose. My hairdresser took my temp before letting me into her salon, and asked me to wash my hands first thing. How cool is that?

I have faith in the future, and faith in our shared humanity. I know that we can get through this, because my husband is cooking dinner and I have a book to finish tonight. Good enough.

Positive thinking, no more drinking, exercise and healthy food will get me through these days. Prayers to the Almighty, and peace in my heart.

I wish everyone healthy drinking water and pets, friendship and fine hair-dos.

#Peace #Silence #Safety #Affection #Kindness #Goodness #Peacefulness #Gentleness #Self-Control #Tolerance #Care

One thought on “Pumpkin Seeds

  1. What a lovely reminder to find faith in the small things 🙂 It’s so easy to fall into the trap of seeing your whole life at once and it all being so overwhelming, but you are right – having a dinner cooked for you that you’ll need to eat, and a book that you have to finish are little hooks from the future that mean you just have to get through to get to them! And a pet coming back to you is one of the greatest blessings of all 🙂 Sending you all the best!

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