No Favorites

Our dog shows no partiality, and she loves my husband and me both the same, equally. She’s a very good girl, but not only for that reason. What is truly remarkable is her abiding love that she treasures for each of us, because we both give her treats and snacks and a roof over her head.

Our dog was abandoned in the woods a long time ago, and was probably about 2 or as old as 3 when we rescued her. We had to catch her, and then eventually befriend her. This took some time to gain her trust. I really feel as if it was my songs more so than the food, but most likely it was the food. It was at least six months before we could even pet her!

What was so heartwrenching about our girl is that she didn’t have any people! I mean, imagine being a dog for so long all alone, with nobody to love with all your dog-loving heart! She does not always have the best manners, but she is sweet, and she does have a heart full of love, like nobody else, except maybe Jesus.

My husband had some surgery somewhat recently, and to this day, our girl does still protect her man, and will not let me dare to go to his side of the bed, even to just cut out the light when he has fallen asleep. She is a protector. I like to think that she would do the same for me, but I know in my heart that actually he is her favorite.

In any case, I will still serenade my fur-baby, because of the joy she has brought to our lives. Our cat gets songs, too, and pets and food. We all look out for one another, so don’t you try and cut out that light!

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