Yesterday’s Post

I was so worried yesterday that I had been bragging about my mental health status, but then today I realized that maybe my boastful musing about recovery may be of use in the Universe, and maybe this electric transmission may be received. I don’t know, man, y’all keep following me and everyonce in a while I get some likes.

Probably the mental health awareness of pretty much everybody is up in the air right now, quite literally, and how fine is it that we all kind of care about this Adventure Planet, where poop happens and stuff like that. Vomit, too. All the stuff worth not talking about. We do conceal the dirty parts, right, or at least we used to.

If only I could paint! That is the one thing that I desire, not really knowing why, except that I love colors so much. My vision is failing in my old age (progressive lenses are both good and bad, depending upon the frames) and my energy level is depleting. My straight line drawing is by no means up to snuff. This is why you get these little missives about not much at all.

The meaning of life is what? Maybe that we all get to make it, by being human creatures with hearts full of what? I don’t know. My dog understands it much better than I do, and my cat thinks I’m an idiot who doesn’t give her enough food.

I was saved by religion, learning how to read books again (I had lost that in the throes of schizophrenia), and by love and by Jesus and by having pets and housecleaning (who knew?), eating food, not always, and by not drinking and smoking. I’m still working at not cussing- it’s tough when your skills don’t always measure up.

If I could play guitar perhaps all of this living might not be so bad. In the meantime, I’ll listen to my cool cds. In the car, because my in-the-house stereo is currently broken. 20 minutes to drive to work. A song or few.

#Plants #Animals #Protozoa #Rainbows #Discord #Harmony #Broken #Mending #Mop #FloorCleaner

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Post

  1. Hey! It is absolutely okay to speak up on your mental health. People are speaking more about it today, and it is time people start sharing their stories, I’m glad you did! I’m glad you are better now.
    And it is never too late to begin anything new. If you really wish you knew this, take an attempt. Try starting with the simplest strokes, or the simplest guitar tunes (I don’t no much about playing guitar, tbh). You will feel nice simply because you took that attempt, even if you drop it midway for whatever reason it may be. I will totally encourage you to start with them! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Got a new sketchbook inexpensively, so I’ll start carrying it around with me upon your advice. Musically, I did shift what I’ve been listening to, so that’s inspiration right there!

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