Space Aliens

So I’ve been having some digestive health issues recently, and now I completely understand the Space Aliens. Often I’ve considered the Space Aliens to merely be time travelers from the future, seeking to fix a world gone mad or just totally awry, and in desperate need of fixin’. My recent health adventures, though, have confirmed my suspicions, because now I understand why the Space Aliens seem to employ specific probing instruments, and also why the human race needs to get it together presently.

I mean, really, is it not just incredibly human to proceed to the future and then go back in time to fix the present day? Our only hope is to more readily inspire mindfulness and present moment awareness, and really just not to get sick, but care for those who do. Our digestion is the key to it all, no doubt, but I wish it were easier to find out answers from those particular parts of a human. Life would be so much easier if everything could be figured out by head bumps or something.

I skipped out on a multiple sclerosis support group online meeting recently, too, because I just did not want to talk about it with strangers, sort of like how I’m not expressing all of this to the online universe of WordPress. Fortunately though for the future, I am participating in a fantastic research study at our local university that I hope will do at least these two things: help me out, help the future of humanity out. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Sorry not to have been reading or commenting, or writing, or caring. My cat decided to come back home, and I learned a lesson of cat care (they need pets, too) and will never be too busy for my Outdoor Cat ever again. I love her so much! She is the sweetest and most beautiful cat baby of my present day. My dog is still ill-behaved and adorable, though, and she is asleep now because it is night time, and what is the matter with me for not going to bed like decent folk when the sun goes down? She is under her favorite blanket to solve the artificial lighting problem.

Next time I employ scientific inquiry for my health, I’ll be sure not to write about it here for your puzzlement. Everything is okay, so don’t worry, and if you need me, I’ll be at the lab. JK! I’ll probably ignore you all next time for house cleaning or book reading. Please stay blessed!

#Future #Humanity #SpaceTravel #TimeTravel #Medicine #Faith #Hope #Care #Love #Clean

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