Poor Vision

Well, I tried to get a better picture of my dog on here, but I’m a clutz with my old laptop and camera using, file making, sharing, seeing even, poor vision, poor lighting, crunkety problem having self. You get what you get.

Am charging my fitness device, though, so at least I’ll be able to track my increased heart rate and anxiety-wrought lifestyle. My dog is still the chief of my heart, except for my cat and husband. I love them all the same and equivalently. Actually, my husband does win after all. He has the best glasses.

Do you all know how it feels when you shell out your life’s blood on some freaking spectacles and you pray that they work, and you imagine that they do, but truth be told you’re still running around can’t half see. I think that this may really just be my fate, and it was because of my professed love of drawing and painting without much skill.

Skill! Brothers and sisters, I think that my skill set is picking off sticker labels and trimming my nails. I don’t even paint my own fingernails very well!

My husband did help me put a new sticker on my car, and it does not obstruct my driving and actually looks okay. Teamwork makes the dream work. I hope that you all enjoy my new image on here, and maybe it looks like my dog. Take care! Be blessed! Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and keep on trying, because there has got to be some meaning to all of this challenging life endeavor, and maybe it is just to endure with a smile on your face.

#Can’tSee #Tired #Late #PartyOn #NotReally #Tolerable #Trying #CuteDog #OldLady #Fitbit #Books

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