Little Dog

My little dog is the first dog that I have ever shared life with, but I do know that my life shall never be dog-free again. Granted, I always had wanted a big dog, but this little varmint has shown me that my human/dog relationships should only be with little dogs, because they are a handful and a big dog mught really just take me out. I don’t have the most convincing voice for commands and discipline, so my dog is really almost always getting to do whatever she wants. I know, poor parenting, but this is one of the reasons whay I do not have human children, despite my love for kids!

It’s all good, because our good Lord made dogs and cats and filled our hearts and their hearts with love. Isn’t it cool that our Eathly companions are furry and cute?

My health has definitely begun to improve since we brought our little dog into our lives. My psychotic and neurotic tendencies have eased up consderably when I have my mind on my little dog. It’s easier to love when I have such an excellent mentor. Yup, she’s the parent in some regards, as I am Mommy to her. The world makes so much more sense to me now, with a dog and a cat of my very own. It’s actually kind of lovely.

Our pastor has been talking about love this month, and how it is the main part of our Christian journey. Of course we all know this about life and faith, but it is also so important to live it out. I honestly do try to keep this on my mind, and I’m finding that loving myself so much helps me to love my neighbors. My little dog might have been the one who really made this real, because her behavior is not always the best, her being a domesticated animal and all, but we operate with grace and peace and love to get through our days together.

Our cat just shakes her head.

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6 thoughts on “Little Dog

  1. Hi Susan,

    I was thinking about you and prayed for you. I am so happy to see you are doing well. Dogs, and sometimes cats, make a big difference in our mental and emotional health. I rescued a cat and she is so incredibly loving. I tell her every day, “I don’t know if I spoiled you or you spoiled me.” During this pandemic, she has made such a big difference in so many ways. Animals have a way of taking our minds off our troubles. Turn to God every day, and let HIm give you His love, joy, and peace. God Bless you. Joyce

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    1. Thank you for the kind blessings! You’re definitely right about dogs, and this little fur-baby has got me in unconditional love school. Definitely my best friend, for sure. Wishing you blessings, as well. Thanks for reading about my little dog, and please have a blessed weekend!

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