Strange Days

I was minding my own business earlier, and so I decided to look at Twitter, just for fun, and there was some of that crazy business! I thought that I had it filtered fairly well, and I do have an okay feed, but it did get me thinking about the state of the world at large.

This is what I do not understand, and that is why does everyone think that they know everything? I run into this at work, too, as I’m sure we all do, but it is most disconcerting to witness most strangers acting like they know much more than what they most likely do not know at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, as I do believe that there are a lot of really nice, smart people doing the best that they can to keep us all safe. What to me is crazy is that we actually have to say things like, “We’re just trying to keep everybody healthy,” and yet there are those that are seemingly unaware of the conditions of life currently.

My husband and dog and I, and our outdoor cat who lives the good free life, do have a remedy for the current madness of humanity, however. We have started calling our home, “Cussin’ House,” and we cuss as much as we like to get us through each agonizing day. It helps. Y’all could try it, too, unless you hate cussin’ and some peoople very seriously do. I’m down with it, though, even though I try to keep it polite usually. I’m thinking that if we all adopt the filters of respectful cussing parameters, the world might become a better place. And everybody could get some fashion masks., too, for safety.

For trivia, I think that I read somewhere that good ol’ Martin Luther himself was a big cusser. And I am talking about the Protestant Reformer, not MLK, who is also a great man of much influence. Lots of good people cuss. It’s what gets us through the day. You’ll have to check me on this Martin Luther business, though, because I freely admit that I do not know everything. Don’t we all tacitly understand that about our fellow humans, and have schools and degrees devoted to reputable learning?

These, my friends, are strange days, indeed. Please be safe. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay home if you can, yet be safe at your jobs. If you’re really feeling ambitious, please read a book. Take it easy, ***********!

#Peace #Humanity #Coexistence #Trials #Sickness #Health #Safety #Faith #Hope #Love #&$*^!!!!

4 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. I guess that is what social media has come down to today- pretending that you know it all. Showing eagerness to learn new stuff ain’t cool anymore it seems, when it should be, always!
    And cussing actually helps, it helps me actually, but guess what, my mother hates this, so I need to make sure she never hears me xD
    Take care, friend. Stay happy and safe 🙂

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