Impossible Friends

Maybe this has never happened to anyone else, but I ended up at a point in my life when I realized that I just had to walk away. My friends were impossible, even though there had been so much love to begin. It was nonsense breaking my own heart over and over again, so the exits. Not too swift in most cases, but sometimes things are pretty much over and done.

Now that I’m so much older and praising the Lord that I’m no longer in my twenties, I appreciate home and family like never before. Here is where my friends are truly, and it is work even here to keep relationships thriving. My dog and cat, though, these are my best buddies. They do not really participate with social media, and they are furry and cute. Perhaps this is the path of the future, having a family of four-legged friends.

My impossible friends taught me that morality is a good thing, and that drinking too much is not really. They led me to my relationship with the Lord Jesus, when I was alone on weekends, wishing I could go out and play in order to further ruin my life. Thankfully my faith has increased and matured over the years, especially by reading more books about wellness, and how we are all in this together.

I miss my old friends, but it had been time to move on, and new friends came into my life, just in different ways. Being out of school is a blessing, even though my goal is lifelong learning, as an independent student. I’m so glad that life is about changes and growing is the purpose. We are like lovely plants and little cute animals. Speaking of which, my little dog knows that I have cheese and will not leave me alone. My husband is taking a nap. I think that this is the meaning of life: to find quiet peace.

Be safe everyone, and please wear a mask. Don’t let your dog steal your cheese, but if you do, only very small bites.

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