Valentine’s Day

Do you all remember being in elementary school and making Valentines for your classmates? I do, as it was one of my favorite activities of the school year. And if you got some candy at school- DeLuxe!

This year my husband and I celebrated by trying a new local restaurant’s takeout, and the best part of it all was that I did not have to clean the kitchen. It was a greand tea day, as well, as I sampled most of my available sachets of pure delight. I love tea so much.

I always forget about my matcha tea with my bowl and my bamboo whisk, but today, I was my own Valentine and I made myself a bowl of good old green tea. It was a delight, and right now I’m thinking of having some filtered water to conclude my day. My plan is to get to sleep, and start the week tomorrow morning extra early. I always make plans like this, but hit the snooze button until I can no more.

Maybe, just maybe, this might be the week that I learn to be ready ahead of time, fit in my daily exercise before I’m dog tired, and maybe I’ll write the great American novel in my sleep, and “They” decide to make a blockbuster movie out of it, and I end up so rich that I don’t have to go to a job any more.

What is so sad, is that realistically, I’m just going to keep working for my health insurance until they tell me I can’t anymore. This is life, and it is sublime!

More importantly, I hope that I might learn how to pray and do chores and one day make some art to make me happy. To hold a paintbrush would be my dream come true, especially if I figured out how to make something pretty to cheer up a friend. Like a Valentine, or something, but tomorrow the pressure is off, and we’re in days of ordinary time until Wednesday, of course.

In any case, please, all of you reading, please be well and be safe, be happy and be loved. Life is a blessing, and pets are the best! Love you all, and thank you for reading today.

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