Cat Network

After an unquestioningly awful day at work yesterday, mainly due to my own illness and ill feelings, I was amazingly resurrected by a network of unrelated cats, who assured me that life is yet still good.

The first cat was walking across a relatively busy street that I travel on the way home, and I was able to slow down and obscure traffic as he or she crossed the road at a brisk pace, but not with any tragedy, thank goodness. I felt blessed to have been instrumental in getting that cat across the road, and my day started to improve, as it was doing so anyway because I was off work!

Next there was a cat also on the way home, and it was obviously minding its own business as it walked along the side of the road where I make a turn, and lo! it jumped right down into a sewer grate, into magical worlds unknown. As I imagined what adventures this cat obviously must be finding, I kept driving on home, and there was yet a third cat right in my driveway at home. While I feared that this may be “Asshole Cat,” a neighborhood friend who eats my cat’s food right out of her dish, it was rather just another random cat, but perhaps they are all kin in a neighborhood network.

The great thing about all three of these cats was that they are independent and intelligent creatures that make the world a better place just by living at their own cat pace. To the mice and other rodents, I’m sorry, and to the dogs of our neighborhood I also apologize, but I do know that everyone likes the cats because they promote wellness and healthy well-being. I know I recovered from my nearly “sick day,” and was back in the game with a great story to tell my husband when I got home.

#Cats #Creatures #Healthy #Characters #Beautiful #Animals #Wild #Free #Workday #Weekend!

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