Tic Tic

Being in love with my dog like I am, and my husband is, too, we so much love the sound of her little paws on the not-carpeted floors, and it is a melodious, “Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic.” We have many conversations about how sweet her little footsteps are, because we love her so much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, because that girl can be bad! She snuck out of the house as I left for work the other day, and ran up and down our street, pestered the bug man working outside, and just was a stubburn little cuss. That’s our girl. We were so proud of her and amused, but worried at the same time, even though we knew that she would be back home, because that’s how she does. We just worry that she might hurt herself one day, like get hit by a car or something, but thankfully the busy street is one street over, and that might be saving her precious little life.

I was going to give her a harness lesson, since we finally found one that she can’t escape out of, but then I got too busy and didn’t do it. At least now she won’t associate the harness with her willful disobedience and our subsequent chagrin, but unfortunately she’s missing out on leash-wearing practice. Currently her leash strategy is to stand absolutely still when her harness is on and leash- attached, but yet she could be going for walks with me. It would be so much fun!

All of this might be more pleasant were it not such a metaphor about how I live my life. I have trouble leaving the house for walks but love adventures. Maybe I should get some clicketty shoes, so I can be just like my “Terrible Terrier,” of the “SneakOut Breed.” That’s my girl! I do usually go to work every day like I’m supposed to, and sometimes have adventures, like trips to the grocery or drug store, but just imagine if I had a furry buddy with me in the car for the fun of living a life. She is the best little dog in the world. I’m just a paranoid schizoaffective girl who is coping, and finally happy. I know my dog likes living at our house, so I’ll do my part to keep us happy in it. And our cat is the adult who lives outside, not causing any trouble.

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