Iced Tea Bliss

When I get to the end of a glass of iced tea, and the ice is melting a little bit, that is my very favorite beverage in the world. When I was a kid, this was fun because of the leftover sweetness, but now that I’m a grown-up, it is the extra cold flavor of unsweet tea that makes me so incredibly happy.

In my mind, tea is one of the greatest inventions of humanity, and I do betroth my love to thee, dear tea. Sorry, I could not resist the romantic interlude. But tea, honestly is my absolute favorite, even if I am somewhat of a neophyte in the ways of leaves and hot water, kettles and cups. I do feel as if this might just be a healthy and respectable hobby, this affection for tea. It’s much different than smoking and drinking alcohol. Because, after all, isn’t a glass of iced tea with the light shining through it one of the purest symbols of comfort on Earth?

The end of a glass of tea is even better with a bit of lemon left in the bottom of the glass, for added fulfillment. Iced tea will always remind me of home, and one of the finest treasures of my husband’s and my marriage is the glass pitcher left over from my mother-in-law, who now is in heaven.

How sweet life is can be found in a glass of tea in company, even if it is unsweetened because one fancies adulthood. Or, shall we say, maturity.

I’m sorry, I’m childish with my sound-alikes and rhymes, but that just is where it’s at for me, and always will be, for sure. Thanks for stopping by. I know it’s far too late for me to brew and steep a cup, but there’s some leftover tea from yesterday in that glass pitcher in the fridge. And what was I just saying about heaven? Stay blessed, dear friends, and keep well. Please enjoy the week ahead.

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