Unfortunate Scratches

Today I’ve noticed some sketchy looking scratches on my inner wrist, that must have been the gift of my beloved pup. For all of my suicidal friends here that might be reading my blog, I just want to say, “What a relief!” It’s nice not to be suicidal so much any more, although I’m still pretty much mad at the world. Not always, though, that’s the change. It was a tough twenty or so years there for awhile.

Granted I did have faith the whole time, but I was just so miserable it was a pain to be alive. And I tried so hard! I really, really did. I think beginnning to write here at WordPress gave me some hope, though, and I didn’t really have to sell myself or my brand or my story just to get readers. Now, I do have a diagnosis, so anybody else #Schizoaffective, please know that you can get over it eventually, with the right set of circumstances. For me, it was some cats, a husband, correct meds, and mainly my dog. Y’all, a dog. That is what you need, if I may say so. These critters will in fact become your best friend, even when you feel like a loser.

It also helps to get older and not to really give a second thought to killing oneself anymore, and when you are older, you can just look disparagingly at the youth. That’s what they are here for, except for also the future and all of that good stuff. No, life is a blessed thing, and I am thankful for it, and those scratches on my arm are just a fleeting unfortunate reminder that I once thought that there was no hope, and nothing about myself redeemable. Now I’ve got this self-serving free blog along with a dog, and a Lord and Savior who loves me anyway, because He is Kind and He is Love. I’ll try to be as promising as He is, for a hope and a future.

Be blessed, dear readers, and never undersestimate the power of a dog, or a blog. Take care! Thanks for staying here with me.

#Relief #SuicideAwareness #BeKind #Trust #Faith #Hope #Love #Jesus #Cats #Dogs

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