State Lines

Interstingly, at least to my own self, I live at the close proximity of two states, and frequently cross state lines in my day to day life. I know, what sophistication and wonder. I’m not one of the American football fanatics, though, so that does not present a problem for my daily life. I must confess that I do have a state love, though, and it makes me so very happy.

I grew up in one state, then moved to the other as an adolescent. Although I stayed partial to the state of origin, my new home served me well, even though I never really did quite trust it, despite my fine friends there. We won’t speak of that, and my parents are from another state entirely, so that affected my football choices in my youth. In any case, what I do mean to share with you all is that I ended up in the first state unintentionally in my adult years, mainly because of my rock-solid husband. What a neat little blessing of a practically irrelevant quality of life.

I don’t know why, but it makes me incredibly happy to know that I live in my home state, from which I have very few connections and only moderate kinship. I also incredibly do not care about football, but I don’t drink anymore anyway. I’m not even in the same climate that was at the beginning of my life, but I know that I’m closer, and we do make day trips sometimes, to the ocean. Not often. My parents are from a different ocean place anyway, but we don’t travel back there any more either.

The point of my incredibly boring story is that life is such a beautiful collection of details and preferences, that what does only really matter is that one does love what is in one’s heart. Aren’t we all somewhat without a home in this modern age of work and relocation and aspiration? In my older age, of not really that old, I’m loving the fact that I can finally make a home for my grown-up self, with a husband, a dog, and a cat. I hope that we all make it through the pandemic, and even though I frequenly cross state lines, at least everyone is accepting of that, and these are still the United States of America. I just can’t figure out how to get vaccinated and I’m too young anyway. As one might say, “dagnabit.”

Dear friends, please reject crazy talk and conspiracy theories and such, because that’s just stupid. Please vote when you can, and please do keep it real.

#Future #Present #Peace #Vaccination #Health #Wellness #Hope #Faith

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