A Weighted Blanket

When the weighted blanket trend first arrived and I read that it was good for anxiety, I convinced my mother to buy me one for some holiday. Let me tell you, though, these suckers are really heavy, and mine stayed on a chair for a long time, not really used.

Now last night I did find myself quite chilly in bed, even under the covers, but I thought: The Weighted Blanket Might Help Me Tonight! I got that puppy out, laboriously carried it to my bed, a workout in itself, and arranged it carefully over myself, instantly warmer.

As I laid in my heavy cocoon last night, I could only think of what a relief the balnket was, also seemingly curing my Restless Legs Syndrome. This was fine until the RLS continued unbearingly despite the heavy blanket, and I struggled my way out from under the blanket, and took 0.25 mg of clonazepam to get some blessed sleep.

I’m assuming my therapeutic medicine helped, because I slept until the morning, waking to find the weighted blanket on the floor, mercilessly kicked off in my sleep for sure. It was a fine night’s sleep, though, and all of the elements worked out to keep me cozy and asleep the whole night through. I felt guilty about the blanket on the floor in the morning, however, but the workout of carryng it to its home chair should nicely conclude the experience.

My verdict is this: while the weighted blanket is in some ways like a medieval torture, it also does keep a body warm, as well as eliminating some anxiety. The anxiolytic medicine might have been what achieved that mission, though, and the blanket shall now only be for coldness emergencies or strength training workouts. That sucker is heavy!

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