Seventeen Minutes

Don’t worry, this is no sort of end of the world proclamation, but only my assertion that the best I can do on the treadmill is seventeen minutes, and I’ve done that three days in a row!

What I have decided, though is that we all just need to wake up and figure out how to live peaceably together on this breaking planet, and to heal it, as well as ourselves. These times that we are living in are certainly unique, as time always is, yet no one person has all of the answers. Life is too big and complex for that. I mean, honestly.

Right now I find myself wondering why I find it necessary to write on this interplanetary, universal, space-time blog, and actually the only answer that I can come up with is that I need to charge my fitness watch, and I don’t want to look at social media aside from this.

Yes, friends, here it is, the meaning of life:

Be sweet, and don’t eat the last cupcake unless it has been offered to you. You can inquire about it though, but only in a sweet way. Nobody likes tantrums, yelling or screaming, or any such behavior. Be good.

Now it’s going to take a minute before my fitness watch gets charged, so I guess I’ll be leaving y’all as a writer so as to read up on what you’ve got going on, and perhaps amongst all of us we might have figured out the meaning of life, or some other fine innnovation. I know that I have not written a great book, and I will read just about anything if it keeps my attention.

As long as my vision persists.

#Peace #Kindness #Safety #Dogs #Cats #Children #Fish #Hamsters #Peace

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