Flu-Like Symptoms

Just thought I’d share with you all my current source of anxiety and subsequent resolution. Hope this is at least not too egregiously annoying, and maybe you’ll be relieved like how I was!

I usually take my MS medicine 3 times a week, on every other day, and usually I just administer the shot and then go to sleep. What I have to look out for, though, is “Flu-like Symptoms,” that are par for the course with this particular medicine.

In the times that we are living in, though, flu-like symptoms are terrifying! Granted, I do remember the medication’s warnings eventually, but for a minute, I think I’m deathly ill, and this really is the end of the line. This particular medicine has made such a difference in my MS treatment, though, that I cannot begrudge my medical community that is working so hard to keep us all well.

Still holding out for my vaccine, too, regardless of anticpated side effects, and maybe the lesson for the world is just to take it easy, give it to God, and trust science and scientifically orchestrated studies that are reliable most of the time.

Yes, I have MS, but I’m still walking and climbing stairs, and I’ve finally gotten my depression and anxiety under control, with what? Good Medicine! My message to the world right now is, please trust your doctor, and do the best you can to support healing measures, like diet and exercise!

Give it to God with thanks and praise, for “He is good, and His mercy endures forever.” You can find that scripture in Psalm 107 or Psalm 118 KJV. I think He’ll see us through, anxiety medication notwithstanding. The anxiety medicine does help me sleep when I’ve got flu-like symptoms, and I’m only addicted to a little bit of it, 0.25 milligrams once or twice a day. God is infinitely more good, however, and I pray that we all find it in our hearts to pray currently, and to see us all through in the healthiest way possible. Life on Earth is hard! May you all recieve blessings of health and safety.

#Peace #Side-Effects #Health #Blessings #Mercy #Healing

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