Tea and Dentist

Just having some ancient English Breakfast tea after lunch, and trusting that tea doesn’t really go bad with age. My husband commented on the old box of tea that I gifted him with a while ago, and now he wants to try it. Again, I hope those tea sachets stay fresh.

This afternoon later, I’ve got a dental appointment. I wish that regular health maintenance visits in the current day and age were not fraught with such peril. It’s kind of cool how the dentist and hygenist protect themselves though, with that ongoing vaccuum that hopefully gets all of the errant germs. The cool face visors help, too. Thankfully one doesn’t have to stay there too long. That certainly is one of the blessings of the current dilemma.

I learned today that my husband and I have the same fight over and over, and that he always gets mad when I apologize for making him mad, and that finally I just solve my own dang problem and then we usually eat some food or something, and then maybe take a nap. I’m really not even mad or anything, though, and I do legitimately feel badly for the ungracious moment. My trademark expression should be: “Sorry, not sorry, but really sorry. Sorry!”

Cup of tea really does make it all better. Praying helps, too, when I do effectively remember, and I trust that the good Lord might not really mind my excessive apologizing. I don’t know, it’s probably the same everywhere, and I should just learn a lesson and remember it, especially because the apologizing does get on everybody’s nerves. My dog is quick on the rebound with unconditional love, though, as is my beloved husband and of course, my Lord and Savior. Isn’t it somewhat of a blessing that Jesus doesn’t really tell you outright when you are annoying, but just lets you learn ever so graciously, time and time again.

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