My dog’s eyebrows have so much to say about our treatment of our best friend, and if only she could talk! I love the fact that she does not leave anything left unsaid with her eyebrows that are quizzical, admonishing, and gleeful at best. We know exactly what is her stance on things by those adorable, furry brows.

I still believe that the world might be better for living if we were all just quiet puppies and kitties, or lovable, furry monsters like the Muppets. Unfortunately for my maturity level, i do try to carry myself as if a smile or an eyebrow can bring about peace in this mostly wicked world.

I choose not to think about the horrors or the miseries, even though I had at once felt that I should fight these battles my own self as a Counselor or I don’t know what, and then I realized that every man is out for himself. Everybody is struggling to get by and do the best that he or she can with at least a few moments of bliss. I find bliss when my plants don’t die, my dog has cute eyebrows, when my cat snuggles me and when my Mother is not frustrated with me. Anytime I can speak in a way that communicates something kind, I do feel the grace of God and am thankful for that precious moment.

God is so good and so much above our struggles, I only hope that the “peace that passes all understanding” might be with me in my “heart and mind through Christ Jesus” as in Philippians 4:7, in such a way that causes no problems with no body. Perhaps I am too meek, but my backbone has gotten me into so much trouble, that I do humbly withdraw. I’m not here to make conversions or forced decisions about personal matters when not invited, and I believe that America is about freedom of religion and personal integrity. On a good day.

Life is hard. I will do my best to offer hospitality and kindness while also following the rules. I’ll even let you borrow my Number 2 Pencil.

#Blessings #Peace #Hope #School #Troubles #Healthy #Boundaries #Growth #Grace

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