Steel-Cut Oats

Had the very best coarse, yummy oatmeal this late morning for breakfast, with blueberries and walnuts. Also cinnamon, which I adore, yet am uncertain of the spelling of the word so I almost did not mention it. It always trips me up, especially since my brain doesn’t work as well as it once did.

Because of the Pandemic, my workplace is shutting down for a week, as a precaution. There have been some incidents of sickness, so I’m glad that my boss decided to take this measure. In the meantime, I shall work on housecleaning, abandoning all thoughts of artistic exploration, because I can’t work in a mess, and that is what we’ve got right now at our home. Perhaps this forced vacation time will be advantageous in this regard. I’m thankful to have the vacation time accumulated, and I hope I’ve got enough to see me through more possible closures, if necessary. I realize how fortunate I am to be in a workplace that does provide this opportunity for coping, and that my boss is so keen on keeping us viable. We do provide necessary services for the community, and I hate that we have to close for a week.

Got some new masks in the mail finally, and they are cute, according to myself. I gave one to my husband, so I have a few more with double layers to help us survive. He started the vaccination process, thankfully, so that helps, too. Oh yeah! The recent test that I took came back negative, so I guess I’m okay for now, Covidwise. Maybe I can get myself healthy by exercising again, during this break.

Will definitely concentrate on reading during this time also, since I can see again. Got some new free self-help books online, so I’ll get my mind right during this time too. Will study the Bible and clip my fingernails today. My dog will get a bath, and my husband a haircut during this anxiety provoking vacation. I pray for the souls departed and struggling during this pandemic, but I do trust that we will make it through collectively. I believe in Hope for the Future, and trust in our Lord above to guide us.

#BeSafe #BeWell #Disinfect #Sanitize #Wash #Trust #HaveFaith #Believe #LiveLongandProsper

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