New Day

Here we are, so ok let’s try this again. Remember, be peaceful. Be sweet. Remember how you do unto others.

But my glasses! They are too tight on one side, so I have constant irritation over my left ear. Maybe I can get that adjusted.

But there is hope and there is moving forward. I trust in better days ahead, and my old man got his first shot. of the vaccine. I use the interferon for my MS, shots three times a week, so perhaps immune-wise the two of us may stay here a little longer, encouraging others to do the same.

You know, life got confusing there for awhile with the End Times talk and the mark of the Revelator, and the forgetting of the promises of life going on and on. Seriously, I cannot believe that a large part of humanity collectively missed the point, myself included.

However, I do look forward to The Kingdom of Heaven that I share with those of you who believe in Peace and Love. Also, please excuse my writing. I’m taking to heart the “Web Log” notion of blogging and sharing my diary with all of you strangers that are now my friends. Thanks for checking in, and for allowing my mind to wander, because I could never write a novel, are you kidding me. I only like to read them!

#Short #Brief #Commentary #NothingMore #Humility #Simplicity #Future #Present #Peace

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