Little Garden

Three plants in the bedroom, on top of bookshelves. This is the best idea ever. Their positive energy awakens me with joy each day, and the lovely view lends me peace for going to sleep at night.

Maybe our plant friends are supplying a timely and relevant message, that we ought to maintain peace, making sure everybody’s got a spot. Granted, my plants are contained in cute ceramic pots, and a plant out in the wild just wants to grow and grow regardless of what competitors think, but perhaps the lesson is to find one’s cute ceramic pot for living daily peacefully, trusting in care.

As I listened to the sermon of my church online this morning, the message was a reminder of abiding, remaining in God’s love and care and concern. Our pastor reminded us about how much God loves us and cares for us, and does as much enjoy our presence as we enjoy His. Although I do not have a child, my dog and my cat attest to this notion of just knowing that we belong to each other. My husband is cool, too, and we do belong so completely.

Finding peace is like finding one’s place, and we never quite know where that is until all is settled out and found to be comfortable. My purpose and mission now is to supply obedience and peace to my boss entities at my job, in my home, and most importantly, in my spirit. God above is my Boss Entity of Supreme Consciousness of Peace and Love. My plants are my bosses of memory and care.

It is all about the peace and love, friends, and if you’re not promoting that, then please just kindly adjust your attitude. I don’t mean to be bossy or anything, but I hope that we learn to all just get along. Might as well. One Life. One Love.

John 15: 4-11

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