Mi Amigos!

Dear Friends, I sure did miss you all for the couple of days while I did other things in the Universe and couldn’t think of anything to write about! Today, though, I thought about many fine things, so here’s my Keyboard Training for the day.

I’m glad that I had mentioned our new resident, Lucky Bamboo. Now there are three houseplants in the bedroom, and the increased oxygen and added beauty is well worth the trip out in the world to the grocery store. Our dog is doing her best to counteract the botanical benefits with her blankets, though, as we do still have a nice doggie funk to remind us of home.

Can you all imagine a world without dogs and cats and plants, and all of the other wonderful aspects of Creation? By asking this question, I’m affirming my release from Depression, which I know is a risky thing to do, but at least, Praise God, my medicines are working for my healing. Shoot, I’m worried that it’s the end of the world, but Not Really, as I’m faithful in a newfound Way where I accept that there is a future ahead of us all together.

Oh yeah, and also my new glasses are improving my ability to see. 😉

#Disappointments #CloudsLifting #Rain #Sunshine #Transformation #Peace #Friends

2 thoughts on “Mi Amigos!

  1. Hey! We sure do miss you when you don’t blog regularly. And lucky bamboo plants are my favourite house plants, tbh. Ofcourse, our planet wouldn’t be half as fun as it is with our furry animals and plants.
    Take care and stay blessed! 😀


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