Lucky Bamboo

My husband had another birthday, PTL, and I was feeling so especially thankful for my darling that I bought him some “Lucky Bamboo” from the grocery store.

After he had slightly mocked me about my gift-finding abilities, because he just knew I’d get him some tea and a new mug and was quite right about that, I thought I’d surprise him with a different sort of gift. Please let me just tell you that my amazing husband did indeed drive me to the grocery store and kindly waited for me in the car while I shopped for just a few things. This is when I happened upon the “Lucky Bamboo” in a cute ceramic vase. I mean, I had already found him some tea that seemed yummy, so the LB was the find of the moment, the prize-winning gift of True Love.

Actually I did do a fine thing by going into the grocery store masked-up for him during the COVID times and coming out with food stuffs, so the surprise plant was a bonus. Now, my husband giggled at my plant selection, and warned me that he could not possibly take care of it, so I assured him that I would do the honors gladly, and that wouldn’t we enjoy another plant requiring dim light and minimal watering?

Yes, indeed, it was a few days late birthday surprise, and I promise that on Saturday when I cut his hair for him, the birthday will be completely satisfactory. “Lucky,” like the fake bamboo that is just so cute and has found a nice home on top of the book shelf. (My husband had reminded me that I had told him in the past about how commercial “lucky bamboo” is actually another plant just bearing the distinctive name and looking like real bamboo that grows in the wild on Planet Earth.) Not being a horticulturist, I have no idea of what is the actual truth, or what is that fine plant. At least it looks like bamboo, and it is pleasingly green and cute. Yay, Nature! I’m pretty sure it wants water and sunlight, and positive energy love vibes from its human attendants.

Thanks to my Webster’s Dictionary for the Vocab and spelling check on “horticulturist,” because I’m just so overwhelmed by all of the words and plants in the world, my word book is the best I can do. It’s a really cool world unfolding by the moment, if we don’t tear it all up first. Let’s not do that, dear friends, and let’s work on all that Peace that everybody loves. Please remember the “Prince of Peace,” and check him out in all those fine books that tell his life-affirming story of redemption and forgiveness! All the plants will love you for it. 🙂

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