New Spectacles

I’m so very excited that I’m getting some new glasses soon, because my vision had been troubling me. You know, those really small letters and such. I’m so excited because now I might be able to read some more, without the agony.

Thank the Lord for Progressive lenses, and for kind optometrists everywhere. The trying on of frames has changed somewhat, though, because you can’t just touch everything like how you used to, and I’m glad of that. Hopeful that the Covid will at least make us all cleaner and more respectful of others, especially when we are shopping.

While I think I made a fair decision and that my glasses will be cool, I am ever so mindful of this virus, and think about it frquently. My boss gave me a bunch of hand sanitizer for Christmas, and I’m so thankful to carry that around with me, all the time. Although we are finally learning to wear our masks like good little puppies, I do just want to spray everything down sometimes as I navigate this unfriendly and dangerous world.

But I took care of my eyes today, in a very sanitary way, and thankfully most of us are learning how to be clean and civil. Oh yeah, except for the Bat-shit Crazy not-mindul folks, who are breaking my heart. I pray that the world does get straight again, and that precious things do not get trampled upon by those who do not seem to care about others. I trust that the good Lord will see us through all of this, and that we all might find peace and love in our hearts again.

#Peace #Love #SocialDistance #Space #Hope #Cleanliness #Care #Concern #Reading

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