Face Brush and Vaccine

For Christmas this year, my husband got me an electric face brush that is so fancy, I feel like a movie star. I’m not, though, and I’m only just now figuring out how to use it, and I do have fears that I might just wash my face clean off. Hasn’t happened yet, though, and he does seem to appreciate the rosey cheeks.

So the future is only here for science and mechanics and space travel? “No,” said my little dog.

She knows that the future is here for our new play strategy, which is to run back and forth and make growley sounds, until Mommy gets bored and mentions the chew stick. She also has a great Bucky that is a stuffed rabbit, that she has not yet disemboweled to get out the squeaky device.

It does make you wonder, when will we get that vaccine, as work-going citizens that don’t work in the hospital? And is this the end of the known world, with the animals ready to take over for better non-toxic chew toys?

Shoot, life is really just too hard for me, even though I have an indoor dog and an outdoor cat. My husband is all right, too, and every day I try again. Waiting for the space-ship. Long wait. I hope they come, though, and I hope they’re nice.

#Future #Present #Hope #Animals #Friends #Toys #Grooming #Sleeping #GoodNight

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