Doggie Morning

This morning, on January 3, I just knew I’d start off on the “bright side of life.” I got up so early that I was able to carry my Meditation Seat downstairs to the carpeted area, so I could sit properly on my knees and meditate. I had been not doing this much since my birthday in the Fall when I recieved this gift, despite my good intentions, mainly because of the lack of carpet where I had tried to begin this quiet journey earlier. I’m not the most regular Meditator currently but I do feel as if this will change with my change of scene. Woot.

I was up so early that my doggie got her breakfast, but only after she had reunited my husband and me, when he had left the bedroom to, you know, play Legend of Zelda. He does not sleep for the regulation eight hours like how I do, and I think that he is in love with his game. I absolutely will not mention his age, because we are all young at heart, and this is a whole ‘nother world that he inhabits regularly. Maps and everything.

In any case, I carried down my super-cool seat, antcipating the carpet, and let’s just say that I sat for 15 minutes without even checking the timer, and made it the full twenty minutes by the end, with no background sound (except for the video game.) What was so remarkable about this early start to my day, though, was my doggie. I promise you that she sat quietly with me, aware of our peace-loving task for the morning. She takes the practice seriously. I think that she does better with it in the morning, because at night, if I’m too late, we infringe upon her sleeping time. She gets bitey, scratchy then, which is no fun for the conclusion of the day.

With the “New Normal” I attended church online once the day had been started, and I was so thankful for the blessings of Life and Quiet and Peace and Love. I pray that 2021 will be a good year, as I did officially start on January 3, after the fireworks had their moment (dog not afraid, but Doggie-Mommy cranky with lack of sleep.) Life is a precious gift, with a doggie best friend by one’s side.

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