Happy New Year’s Eve Day! I’m so excited to start the New Year tomorrow, and ever so thankful not to have to go out and drink this evening! Also, in my older age, I don’t even really have to stay up until midnight. It’s going to be the New Year tomorrow no matter what.

Actually, about the not drinking, i just want to profess that I’ve cut that out, too, thanks to the Pandemic. I wash my hands nicely and take a lot of things more seriously now. My annoying MS symptoms that had been dogging me recently are also going into remission, with a little bit of study on my part, because “you are what you eat,” as they say. Actually studying nutrition is my most favorite pastime, except that of reading books.

Here’s a recommendation for those in need of a story. I’ve been reading The Lost and Found Bookshop, by Susan Wiggs. I spoke with someone who had recently finished it, and she did assure me of a fabulous ending. Although I want to finish the story, I’m taking it slowly for good measure. I’m a book reader who likes to keep stories going instead of staying up until all hours of the night and early morning like I did in my youth. The fact that I need new glasses does play a role in this, lest you think I boast. In any case, books are one of the best features of humanity, in my opinion. I just don’t much care for excessively deviant ones. I mean, honestly.

Well, be safe, stay healthy, and believe in one God to see you through. Have a great NYE!

#Faith #Reading #Exercise #Trust #Health #Vaccine #Humanity #Blessings #Hope #Future

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