Cat/Dog and Caramel

My most wondrous dog is about the size of a cat, but increasingly bigger and exceptionally cuter. She loves to eat people food, and she remains unrestrained by a leash, so I can’t take her for walks. She tore up two harnesses, and outgrew one, so we had to stop spending our hard-earned cash on something that does not work for my extra-crafty dog. In this way, she is much like a cat, and it is rare to see a cat on a leash. They’re just too smart for that, much like our dog, who is the best in the whole wide world.

I was sitting on my bed reading today, and upon noticing my dog also sitting on the edge of the bed, napping, I realized that in some respects she is more like a cat than a dog. Other days she is our Fearsome Protector who barks at everything, but today she was taking it easy like me, resting like a sensible cat.

I had always believed that I was exclusively a cat person until we unexpectedly rescued this little Terrier. I had always begged for a dog in my youth, but never would my parents let me take one, after having tragically lost a fine dog when I was still young, and my parents never having fully recovered from that. That was “Charlie.” I don’t remember him, but I’ve seen photos and also have become sad, like my parents must have been. He was very handsome.

Now I have a fine girl-dog, my Terrier who is of indeterminate age and history, a fine bitch for sure. I love her so much, because she is my angel dog who relieved me of my depression, along with some fine anti-depressants and anxiolytic medicine. I used to sweat the medicine, because I feared I was toxically messed up, but now I understand the way of the world, and that is to be kind and work at a job and be good at it. My medicine makes that happen, along with my dog, who is the best. I make sure she does not eat what she absolutely must not, like chocolate and spaghettis, so she did not enjoy a salted caramel like I just ate, ever so decadently. Is not life a pretty adventure, with animal friends?

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