Writing Frenzy

Y’all, I apologize ahead of time for any strange thing that I might say or do, and I don’t know why I feel as if I’ve got something to say all the time, like I’m so fancy or something. Honestly, I really just try to navigate a keyboard after never having taken a typing class, opting instead to take extra sciences in high school, and all to no avail! Hey, but “I’m good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” And old enough to know that lovely SNL sketch, too.

No really, it does appear that we are all full of ideas in this day and age, and this is a great thing! I just hope we can all be safe and careful and sweet in the process. I think we should be thinking about how great living is, and how we can ensure that everybody is enjoying themselves. Party of life, I guess. “Party on, dude,” to quote SNL again.

Hey, I know, let’s do our best to make sure everybody feels okay, and is having a nice time. I’ma get my vaccine as soon as I can, and I wear my mask like a champ, because I believe something is better than nothing. I know I’m not the fixer of life’s struggles, but I try to be nice to my family and not always shitty to my friends. Opted not to have kids because of my propensity to holler and scream and yell and be cranky. Actually, making my own self sweet I think is a fine life’s pursuit, and I’m going to keep doing it as long as people will let me. And I’d probably bring you a cold drink, but I do recommend laying off the alcohol and soda for one’s brain health.

Life is but a dream. I hope you all will be fine and happy and loved, and I trust there are better days ahead! Take care, y’all!

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