Cookie Blind

On the day before yesterday, I was sent to the grocery store with only one task: to buy some eggs for my breakfast the next day. I specifically went to a store where I had just been recently, remembering some cage-free eggs that I had seen there. This all seemed like a very unchallenging task, and my husband even was so kind as to have driven me there. He did recommend only one other item to pick up, though, and this is what led to my downfall.

“Why don’t you pick up some more of those holiday cookies that we sampled at our last visit,” said my husband. This just seemed like an encouraging treat-making grocery task, and with the importance of the eggs for my necessary breakfast, I thought that I could handle it easily.

I walked right in and saw first the display of cookies that had beguiled us at our first visit, but the eggs were all the way at the other end of the store. Thinking that I might just pick up a box of cookies and move on to the eggs, I proceeded down the aisle, headed in the right direction.

As you may have guessed, there were quite a few boxes and bags of holiday treats, and I just picked up one or two then more, until my arms were full and I was so excited that I needed to quickly report back to my husband waiting in the car. Spending a moderate, yet holiday-worthy amount, I was so happy with my modest purchase, until I made it to the car. While my husband was glad to see the cookies and me, he did remember the eggs. And while we considered going right back in the store for the eggs (he thought he might just send me in once again), I knew in my heart what I must do. I would just let him go to the grocery the next day while I would be at work, and we could never mention the episode again.

My husband coined a term for my state that day, and that was “Cookie Blind.” I may never live this one down, but our holidays should be so much sweeter because of my impediment.

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