Our Miraculous Cat

My extra-sensory cat lives outside, and does her own thing, but loves our family dearly! These two stories of cat love, I hope will warm your hearts. Decide for yourself if you think my cat is magical or even miraculous.

Yesterday when I was driving home from work, I was pleasantly surprised to see our cat also racing home, at the same time. I cannot figure out how she may have seen my car or also completely recognized it from so far away, more than a few feet from the driveway? That seems extra-sensory to me. I feel as if she must have felt my familial spirit, but that seems weird. Perhaps she knew the timing, and yes, that is reasonable.

She did it again this afternoon when my husband and I drove up, in his car, a different vehicle, and she just knew it was us! Now, I know that she is brilliant, having lived a lovely independent cat life with ample provision of cat food and infrequent pets when the weather is nice. This also was at an unpredictable time, unlike the end of a work day. How did she know it was us?

My question is, then, what is the meaning of life, and why is it that puppies and kitties seem to have all of the answers, when to everyone else these are mysteries? The wonderful answer, I believe, is that I myself will never know, aside from what I’m told or a smile given or a prayer made. I do trust our Heavenly Creator with all of these questions in this Beautifully Made Universe.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Please keep it real. Light and Love!

#Cats #Dogs #Peace #People #Timing #Synchronicity #Love

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