Hey friends, so you all must know the phrase, ” Teamwork makes the dream work?” I’m really feeling as if this is not only an important message for today, but one also for staying alive every day. Please, please, please follow instructions as we get through this pandemic.

I wear a mask all day at work, 7.5 hours, except for when I break for lunch and eat food. This is somewhat annoying, but I keep my masks clean and make sure they’re comfortable. While you’re thinking of healthcare workers wearing masks out of necessity for the work that they do on a regular basis, please remember that sometimes their mask wearing days go on much longer than a regular work day for regular people.

Hey, but my husband did a fine thing today! Yesterday he bought a turkey on sale (7 bucks!), during early morning not many people around shopping hours, and today he roasted it to perfection. This will feed us for many days, and we even gave a plate to our friend who cannot cook for intelligence reasons. Don’t worry, he won’t be reading this blog, and he can play guitar whereas I cannot. My husband and I will stay alive like the Pilgrims with our lessons of sharing and caring taught by the Native Americans. If this is not the story that you learned in grade school, maybe watch a holiday film.

So yes, these are perilous times, but we are human beings and we do have the intelligence to care for one another. Like for instance, stay apart. I know I did a couple of holiday feasts recently, but we did stay far apart from each other. Shoot, one day at a time. Every day let’s all try to stay well. God may have invented the Internet just so you can read up on this stuff. Be safe, friends, elbow to elbow.

#Courage #Faith #Friends #Care #Sobriety #Isolation #Disinfectant #Vitamins #Enzymes #Nutrition

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