Cup of Tea

Had the yummiest taco dinner tonight, by way of my friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant, whom I’m determined to support during these COVID times, despite our more frequent cooking at home. How unusual it is that we are currently losing restaurants and coffee shops, the very backbone of our existence on Planet Earth. I pray things will get settled out soon, good venues will stay in business, and that we all might move forward with delicious dining in the company of friends!

My husband picked up our take-out while I finished the week’s laundry. I know, super exciting. I do so much enjoy taking it easy on Sundays, but still getting the work done, thanks to the labor-saving devices of a washer and dryer. Generally this is my day to also read books.

Before I begin my reading, there is also the simple pleasure of a cup of tea. I’m having organic ginger-lemon green tea, and wondering if it really is organic, but it is so yummy. I’m kind of a sucker for an “organic” label, but I do like to believe in the veracity of such claims. It’s all kind of crazy these days, but kindling a positive attitude may be what will deliver us from mayhem. I think we’re gonna make it, and we are all at least trying to help each other out, in most cases. C’mon y’all, let’s do!

So half-blind and thirsty optimism is what just might at least see me and my family through. Life has always been hard. I’m thankful for my online church service this morning, and for my husband, our dog and our cat. It is wonderful that there are so many of us promoting peace and love, like in the olden days, and doing our best to believe in the future. I believe in space-travel, environmental clean-up, small communities, vaccines, and organic tea. There is always music.

I’m thankful for all of you taking the time to read this, and I pray that you might find peace on this Sunday night. Wishing everyone a cup of tea, and the freedom to take it easy with a happy work week ahead, having minimal stress. That we all might enjoy the art of living!

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