Sweet Potatoes

Very rarely do I contribute to anybody else’s meals that they are cooking, but this year, for Thanksgiving, I made two sweet potato souffles. My husband’s family, and my family, of our birth origins were the lucky recipients.

It was a hit, both places! I did a rather laborious, jam-up job on these two souffles, on Thursday and Friday mornings. Thank you very much for bearing with me as I describe this here in this vainglorious post. I roasted those puppies, and whipped them up, with my husband’s help, because he is the chef with the hand-mixer. He’s actually our house cook, because I’m too lazy and tired to cook for our home. on work nights. He really is my cooking hero, but please don’t tell my mother that.

This was the primary problem of this endeavor, however, and that is: How does one spell “souffle” and what is the singular spelling of “Potato?” Rock on, Alexa, for helping me out with this one. I generally forget that I can ask her my simple questions, and she generally does know the answer, except for when I’m being ludicrous.

Now, we whipped up a whole bunch of them sweet potatoes, and I’m stuck with my own leftovers, acquiring bits of turkey from the Mama chefs of my mother and sisters-in-law. Everybody loved my souffles, but I still ended up with most of the leftovers because everyone had better stuff of their own to keep. My husband and I cannot even think of finishing all of these sweet potato leftovers for a little while, so I’ve got to work this one out somehow. Next thing you know, we’re going to have fried-up sweet potato pancakes or something, but that will be in a day or two.

If you want to know the truth, I am so proud of these sweet potatoes, and my subsequent examplary spelling that I can only be thankful and glad. I hope that everybody else enjoyed the holiday, and I did wear my mask when I was not eating. We did not exceed the allotted number of guests at either home, but we did have too many sweet potatoes, for sure. But boy, were they tasty, if I may say so.

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes

  1. Thank you! It was a pretty good holiday. Now to eat like a regular person again!
    I’m gifting some of the leftovers to friends I did not see on Thanksgiving. That was my brilliant idea that I was thankful for. 🐸
    I hope that you and yours are well. Thanks for stopping by!


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