Because this blog is about “Staying healthy after all,” I just thought I’d share how I’ve been finding peace and good health recently. I hope this helps. It is an entirely obvious observation that most of you have probably already discovered, but this is how it struck me personally and allowed for a discovery of relief in my own disease process.

Always our physicians speak of “Inflammation” in our body systems causing ill health, and this is indeed a very important concept, but somewhat overwhelming for the layperson just trying to visit the doctor and not really undestanding what they’re talking about. Of course, our nutrients affect this condition, but also, I believe our mindset does, too, and this can be quite a problem at times of sickness.

Part of my brain inflammation of multiple sclerosis and a schizoaffective disorder has allowed me to witness how uncomfortably this all can work out. Most of my “schozoaffective” is the phenomenon of “thought broadcasting” in which I feel as if everything I’m thinking is completely audible to everyone else in my company or even on TV, and the struggle comes when my thoughts are unkind or imperfect or just altogether messed up. This condition can be incredibly exhausting, and makes for a very long work day with increasing stress as I realize what a horrible person I am for thinking all of these nasty thoughts or bad language for no reason.

This is where I feel “inflammation” plays into the matter, because my discomfort is magnified by plain old sensitivity and outwardly manifesting pain. Y’all there is so much awful in the world at times, and it does wear a person down, inflammatorily. I’ve observed relief only when I can maintain a sense of calm and hope, trust and faith. My meditation practice has been helping this, and I do feel as if it is caming down the explosively awful sense of discomfort that plays out in my brain with bad words and mean thoughts. Because I do not wittingly ascribe to these beliefs in my errant thoughts, I can finally observe that perhaps it is the disease process of “inflammation” and that I do get to picking at internal scabs sometimes.

Lord knows this is where my faith comes in, and I have to be careful of that as well. I have never heard voices, but sometimes my internal dialogue is one of nasty screaming and yelling at my own self, seemingly out of control. Well, it is out of control, because I do not willingly ask for these untoward thoughts. My observation for today is that when I’m doing badly and my illnesses are “flared up,” it gets worse, but my current medicine regime, exercise, and dietary kindness helps to calm this sick girl down. And what a relief it is!

Praise the Lord that peace may come to those who seek it, and that we live in a network of other souls often seeking that same peace. Life on Earth is hard, but fortunately there is hope by faithfully doing what one can to ease the suffering. And while sometimes it seems as if things might never get better, sometimes kindness comes along to snatch us out of the fiery pits we may find ourselves occupying. I find that orienting my heart to love no matter what goes on in my head really helps. So I meditate and pray with regularity, and sweet Jesus sends me the love to heal. I accept that life is a struggle, but I am only just now accepting that I do not have to pick at my brain scabs all the time, and I’m learning to trust the Higher Power.

I hope that this does help anyone, and I do pray for freedom from suffering for all of us on this challenging planet. Please remember to be sweet, y’all, and smile when you can.

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“Depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” Psalms 34

4 thoughts on “Observation

  1. So brave of you to write about your health condition hoping that it helps another person…that takes a lot of courage and kindness…you are right…life on earth is tough..but love and faith gives one hope…sending a big hug🤗🤗


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