Necessary Ablutions

For the holiday, my doggie just got a bath. She is so good now about this, and very patient with me. I really admire her for this.

Moving forward, I feel as if my day ought to be blessed for taking such good care. You know, it is the little things in life that get us through.

While I’m about to go get a haircut, my new skill of cutting my husband’s hair should bring about some savings to compensate for my indulgence. I think I’m going to get my hair cut short enough that I won’t have to go back in a while. Not that I don’t like my stylist, just have personal self-esteem issues. How do fashion models and movie stars make it through the day?

They just probably do their job, like everybody else. For all of us working for a living, there are thankfully holidays, and I wish everyone the best on this one coming up. I’ve narrowly avoided family disaster, but there shall be rescheduling and understanding, with safety coming first. I’ll be wearing my butterfly mask when I’m not eating, and will have a very clean dog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

#Simple #Recovering #MS #Schizoaffective #Rest #Family #Thanks

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