Carafe and Chew Stick

Guess what! I completely smashed my coffeemaker’s carafe accidentally, and boy, did I feel disappointed. My husband swiftly ordered me a new one, just the carafe, and we did not have to buy a whole new coffee maker, thank goodness. Needless to say, like Grover at the end of The Monster at the End of This Book, “I am so emabarrassed.”

My little doggie, though, is a champion, and we have supplied her a new chew toy that looks like a stick from a tree. She totes that thing around, forgets where she leaves it, and then remembers and goes to fetch it to chew some more. I like to think the stick shape of it reminds her of her time in the forest, when she was all alone in danger of getting caught up by a hungry hawk. My dog is my hero for putting up a good fight, but getting rescued nonetheless. She is like her mommy that way.

Today I have realized some important lessons. These are all about things lost and found, broken and replaced. Life is an unpredictable adventure, and this is why we find faith. I’ve been really sick in the past, but I got better, and kept on trucking. Maybe this is the meaning of life, you know, to keep on truckin’.

Happy Sunday, amigos. Sorry for so many posts today, but I had one in the backlog, and felt like reblogging a good one I had found, thinking that I would be too lazy to contribute to the Universe of Stories today. Having mastered gentle caffeine and persistence, though, now I can do some work. Thank you for helping me, dear readers!

#Persistence #Confidence #Working #Healing #Trusting #Repairs #Restoration #Blessings

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