Some Positivity

Sorry that yesterday I wasn’t altogether hopeful, and was doubtful about the future of life on our beautiful, strong, resilient Earth! I get so worried about the state of our world, and my abilities as a human that I forget our Wondrous Maker who made us so smart and humanly powerful that we can choose to believe in our Lord! And that in His gracious goodness, He might forgive us and bless us and restore us to be God’s Creatures, and those of Love, no less!

I do not understand fully the great mystery of life, but I do know that now I profess to believe in it, that we can heal and get better and change when necessary. How blessed are we that not only have we been given life, but we’ve been given life with choices, as we get to decide how our life might progress, and how we might come to trust that our God loves us and has given us this Life.

Because I wanted to die for so long, and because I did not think that I was good enough, it’s hard for me sometimes to understand Hope and Faith, and to act it out properly. I really need to learn to accept that our Magnificent God will guide us through all of the hard times, and that he did send His Son to heal us. For Real!

God gave us books for a reason, one being an especially fabulous collection of writings and stories that gives us food for thought, for our very souls. I’m so thankful that in the worst of times, I can read the Bible and find encouragement. Because, dear friends, I get so scared.

The Good Lord most likely would pat my head and smile at me, so I just need to accept this Blessed Assurance and smile more my own self. Yep. There is Hope for the days ahead. I believe in this with all of the Faith my heart can muster, and I believe with a heart full of Love for my friends and my Blue Meanie enemies, like the Beatles told me about.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 KJV

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