Because this blog is about being well, I guess I have to tell you about how yesterday I was not quite well, but much less dramatically so than in other times of my #schizoaffective past.

Lo, I forgot to take my medicine in the morning, that being my antidepressant, thyroid medicine, cholesterol medicine, and my incredibly dangerous? yet plentifully effective very low-dose anxiolytic medicine. I thought that I was in for a horrible day, but I just swallowed my pride (instead of pills) and decided to just be sweet all day, no matter what. It worked, but I wanted to cry at the end of it.

My humanity became what was in question as I realized that I absolutely require chemicals daily, aside from food, to exist as a human being here on Planet Earth. Now, I love Planet Earth, so I do worry about all of these unusual lab-created chemicals infiltrating our precious planet. Like, y’all should look up and read about the medicines being present in the natural world, because of what we humanly process. Prozac in the fishies and stuff like that.

Not being absolutely natural myself, I wonder about all of the animals affected by what I metabolize in good faith, but with skepticism because of that elusive “natural” quality of life on Earth. I did try to quit the #PsychMeds in the past, and found that to be impossible, and did resume my practice of regular medication, so as to continue to be a well-functioning human being.

As I sit here trying to put into words my concerns about what is natural and what is not, my dog has once again saved the day. Because it is obviously night-time, she has crawled under her fleecey blanket and is snoring, natural day being over. She could care less what I’m doing, and is concentrating on the sleeping, for the natural conclusion of a day. Without my meds, I can no longer sleep naturally, so twenty-plus years in tells me I’m stuck on this path now, naturally, and that I, too, should go to sleep, but take my meds first.

And all I can do is hope for a new medicine, a vaccine, to make things normal here again. What does it all mean, or more importantly, does it even mean anything? All I know is that I try to be good and well-behaved, and that really is the best I can do personally. But I can pray and trust that the good Lord is not chemically altered, and that the food I eat has some semblance of nutrition, as I regularly water my houseplants who get sunlight, with occasional feritilizer.

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2 thoughts on “Wellness

  1. Thank you for alerting me to the situation of fish on antidepressants. But think about it, what option do we have? For me, Zoloft changed my life and I am not going to stop taking it just because the fish are suicidal! F’real, I am not going to give up my stability for the stability of fish. Relatively speaking, we have to make these decisions of human lives vs. fish lives.

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    1. The fish don’t seem to be opposed to the medicine… I hope we all do what we need to be healthy. I hope I didn’t freak you out, friend! Maybe the whole planet needs a little anti-depressant anyway. Who knows! Stay blessed, amiga. I hope you have a great day, and I do trust that good days are ahead. Hugs!


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