The Paw

My little dog will sit just right next to me, seeminly content, but when she want some pets, she gives me, “the paw.” This is true as well for my husband, who does also sometimes get “the paw” from our resident dog.

“The Paw,” is when our little dog just taps us to get what she wants. She extends her little paw ever so graciously and gently lets us know she needs affection when it is time for it. This does not happen all of the time, and she does enact the more aggresssive “Bitey, Scratchey” when she needs to be fed. Sometimes we forget her evening dinner time, and cannot understand why she seems to want to play so badly, until we look at the time and remember, and then feed our baby dog.

It is so cute when she does offer “the paw” out of friendship and love, and thankfully it’s not as painful as her signal to get her dinner. It’s actually one of the more wonderful things in my daily life, when I get “the paw” of love. What a tender-hearted little creature, I inevitably think, and then I pet her until we are both happy. Sometimes she extends her paw when she must think I’m sad or lonely, and these are the best parts of my day. I love to connect with my little dog.

We got her a chew bone today that looks like a stick, to remind her of her days in the forest. It says it’s for “aggressive chewers,” so we hope that she doesn’t tear this one up. I think that she, and we, will be as happy as clams in our doemstic bliss, with our new chew stick and shared affections. Life is precious and sweet when you’ve got a friendly paw nearby.

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