Hey there, again. Just so you all know, I’m actually far too paranoid to be online ever, even though Facebook doesn’t really make me cry any more. I force myself to keep this blog, as a means of overcoming this modern day fear of mine.

Part of my problem is my imagination, as I think everyone is somebody else, and that everybody hates me. Fortunately I’m getting over this, but I don’t think I’ll ever be fully recovered.

Fortunately on this particular forum, I can tell you all about how fabulous I am, and how well everything is going. Really, the purpose of my laptop is to charge my Fitbit and that’s about it. I had intended to write a book, but I never did. So yes, Word Pressers, you’re stuck with me for awhile. There is though cause for staying home, as is the current state of the world and all, along with my paranoia.

But my dog and my husband and my cat outside are my champions, and they do love me. That’s about all I can handle, along with other family. God bless the holidays.

#AllGood #KeepWriting #StayAlive #NotDepressed #Anxiety

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