Thanks, everyone, for being safe and staying healthy as best as we all can. I wish you all the best of disinfectants for all of your cleaning needs.

As you may have guessed, my topic for today is that gem of oral health: Listerine. I did hear from a doctor that it is a really good anti-Corona prophylactic, and I’m staunchly believing in this, and practicing good mouth-washing to accompany my frequent hand-washing. What I feel as if I need to share with all of you though, is my little bit of magical-thinking that gets me through the day!

I use Listerine, original formula, to the max, twice a day. I believe that its odd taste might be even more disease-preventative than any sort of pansy-ass mint flavored mouthwash. Only the best, you know. I did mention that this is nothing more than the workings of my magically-attuned cognitive habits of recent days.

What is not magical, though, is my faith in the Lord who will undoubtedly get us all through this. I know some folks equate religious thinking with magical thinking, but I believe it, and perhaps Jean-Luc Picard would agree with that to “Make it so.”

Most importantly, though, I trust that Jesus has forgiven me of my sins and brought me to a New Life, ready for healing. I think now is the time for a scripture quote, but all I’ve got rumbling through my head right now are Earthly things, like Listerine. Please stay clean, friends and neighbors! And most of all, please stay blessed.

#LittleThings #DaybyDay #StayHome #WearMasks #Laundry #HappyVeteransDay #Thank-you

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