Dear friends, I hope that we are still breathing that collective exhale, and are ready to breathe in again. Our precious little world does indeed need us to keep trying, every single, despicable day. It is good to move forward and to face our fears and doubts, so I’m thankful that we can have a little hope for a minute.

Because everyone seems to have all of the answers, I can only lead you to all of the good advice, while not really having any myself. All I know is that staying in the game is all there is, and that by waiting out the misery of this world, sometimes we do find relief, and this is often in unexpected ways. If I could give you the answers, what would you expect?

While I found peace and got over myself, I know that not everyone is so lucky. There have been folks who have never made it out of the pain, and I hold in my heart those who have not made it.

In the ongoing propulsion of space and time, I pray now for peace and unity, compassion, deliverance, and most of all, hope. There is “faith, hope, and love,” so right now, let’s hold onto that hope together, in love. That’s from 1 Corinthians, in chapter 13, and verse 13. I’m going to read that again right now, because I only remember the one phrase, and will join in with the mystery of life on Earth, where people suffer, but not always. Sometimes it seems like always, so I pray for relief, and that Jesus might rescue you all, dear readers, whenever it is that you need Him, in faith.

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