Redeeming Chores

I accomplished the floor cleaning, mostly, as there are still some trouble spots that need to be swept. There’s still tomorrow on this here weekend, though. What is super exciting is that I’m going to try the mop, because I got some natural floor cleaner like two years ago that I have yet to try out. Life in the slow lane.

Sweepeing was a big deal, though, because my dog sheds her fur like a bandit, and it makes for cluttered stairs. We live in one of those 1960s split level homes with a bunch of small flights of steps, and they do collect the dogfur in a really gross, yet live-with-able way. Hence the cleaning intervals in my life, the laziness and book reading holding me back from a super-tidy home.

Interestingly, the small flights of steps keep me on my toes and give me and my husband necessary exercise and balancing practice. With my MS, this works out well, although I do fear a day when I cannot do the steps. Mainly the challenge of our home gives me motivation to claim my healing and to keep moving forward. Positive energy, or else tragedy. It’s one way to live, but not recommended unless one takes very-small dose anxiety medicine like how I do. 😉

The recent medical procedure I undertook required a Covid Test, and I passed, and I have never been so relieved. Convinced that I was dying, it was really wonderful to have everything work out. Thank you, Jesus! And yes, I did pray about all of this, and my prayers were answered with good health. In order to thank the Universe, I’ve been doing my housecleaning and neglected chores today. I feel like I could birth something, but instead, I just gave my dog a bath. I feel like an E-Z-Bake Woman, who makes regular life overly simple for sanity’s sake. Really though, I’ve got to put this up and do some reading now. Thank you for reading this today, and I wish you all the best with your chores for this weekend!

#Cleanliness #Godliness #Doggie #Laundry #Sweeping #Reading #Sleeping #GoodLife #Thankful

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