Dear friends, I must let you know that while all of that election stuff was going on, and still is, I was having a medical issue to keep my mind off of things. No worries. Actually, it all turned out favorably, but it was sort of funny from the perspective of my personal experience. I’ll spare you the details!

What I will share is what I did learn about trusting the Lord, and giving it all to Christ. I was so fearful about messing up my part of the process in my illness and treatment, that I almost forgot who is in control. Not me! Never has been, never will be.

I think as proud Americans we inevitably think that we are so correct in our voting privilege that we forget that there is a bigger picture that we cannot ourselves alone see. We are so blessed to have any sort of consciousness at all, and God is so good that He keeps us in place. I trust Him implicitly!

As all of this worldly stuff plays out, I hope that all of you reading are kept free from discomfort and misery, and that all of us play nicely with one another. Please keep looking up, and please keep praying. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the one to trust in these unusual days.

#Faith #Hope #Love #Politics #Schmolitics #Freedom #Trust #Courage #GingerTea

1 John 4:18 KJV “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Thank you, I’m feeling actually quite well, and eager to learn more about health and our miraculous bodies, to keep well! I appreciate your love and prayers, and wish you the best of health as well.

    Oh, and I did figure out that I can still drink about one cup of coffee, maybe 2 per day and still feel alright. Life is an ongoing science experiment for many of us, for sure.

    Thanks again for your concern! Virtual hug, friend! Happy weekend; find a good book.


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