So Little Time

Yet so many books! How will I ever read every single one of them, especially since I sometimes start one and pick up another before the other is finished.

I have such book shame, because I haven’t read everything, and i also can’t keep up with movies about books. I think I”m just on the slow side of popular culture. On the other hand, maybe everyone else is in the same boat that I am, and they just appear to have done all of their reading for the school of life. I think probably all of us are content just to know the books are there, and we celebrate when anyhing gets read by anyone.

When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to write books, and I would imagine stories before falling asleep at night just because I could. Needless to say, the Great American Novel has not been written by myself, much less read. As I got older, I realized that I was too much all over the place, and that I just needed to focus on one task at a time, rather than dreaming of artistic majesty.

I still love to see a bookshelf full of books, and still believe that the finest gift is a well-thought out book selection for a friend. It is not guaranteed that I’ll actually read a book gift, though, but I will surely look at the cover and smile. I also hate to make recommendations, because I think it’s intensely personal and up to you to find a book to read by your own self. My career goal has been to make book jackets and illustration, but it was never actualized. I think for right now I will just collect the precious things, and dream of paper and ink.

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7 thoughts on “So Little Time

  1. I will like to have a massive study too but you see, most books are now in digital format.
    I love reading in piecemeal too. I think we have that in common. I can count the number of books I have read from cover to cover.

    Keep being you and strive to be better 😁


  2. Sometimes I also struggle to finish a book before I get my hands on another more interesting book. True, scheduling helps with this. And I also find books to be extremely personal. They right book depends on the phase one is going through at the moment.

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      1. We said. It all comes to time management and what we are willing to sacrifice within our days for some extra reading time😏. Welcome and have a great weekend to.


  3. I so understand, recently I decided to stop binge reading my old standby favorites and look for new ones. And because I cannot just keep buying books and never reading them, I try to not buy more until I read the ones I have. I will admit though that this last resolution is frequently and purposefully forgotten. Happy Reading! Belinda

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