So Late!

I know, man, it’s almost nine o’clock! Actually I am quite tired, and I can hear my husband snoring, so this post will be brief and nonpoetic. Well, I’ve got to charge my Fitbit.

Speaking of my husband, he has recently gifted me o- a necklace with a sea-turtle charm, and when I wear it, I think of my good buddies making their way to the sea. I read that the pandemic has helped those dear creatures make the journey safely, and I’m so glad to hear of the upswing. Isn’t it nice also for all of us people-turtles to be leaving each other alone, mostly? I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

More importantly, my beautiful day has been concluded with the realization that even though at times I’ve not been the nicest person in the world, what matters is that we all got along and did our own business. Sometimes one has to end a relationship, and in my growing older, I’ve left some folks behind, not out of malice but in order to promote peace. Sometimes it’s necessary to be a blue meanie, just to quit apologizing for not being everything to somebody else. I mean, the grass is always greener, but in most cases it’s kind of a pale beige in the winter.

And winter is coming! i hope that I don’t have to wear a short-sleeved shirt tomorrow, and that by the end of the week I can wear some long sleeves again. Yes, I am that shallow, but what else can I tell you about? Hopefully you can also think for your own self, dear reader, and by writing here i hope to promote independent thought among never-seen friends who have won a place in my heart just for also beaing earnest about this task of living, and then recording words about it for space-travelers.

#Home #Peaceful #QuietNight #Doggie #NoMaps #Hope #Tomorrow

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