Twenty Minutes

I’ve just completed my recently neglected twenty-minute evening meditation practice, so I like to think that I’m back in the swing of things. Actually, life has improved lately, now that I’m having a numerically significant accumulation of years in my ongoing lifespan. And how belssed I feel that it is ongoing!

These are my life-living tips for those interested: keep living, exercise your mind, get a dog or cat, take your medicine, drink water, marry the right person, and practice cooking and cleaning. In my case, you can’t really neglect any one of these facets and stay well. Well, except that my husband does most of the cooking, but I do clean up after dinner. Laundry is my one true life skill, and I can fold up a shirt, but not a fitted sheet.

Most importantly, I feel like my healing has been occuring because I consciously have been changing my habits in order to create that once elusive normal life-style. I’ve been at my job for so long that I can kind of live it, and my psychiatrist has seen fit to treat my anxiety as well as my depression and subsequent psychosis. All of these things work together, and my cute dog is sleeping right next to me with some little snores right now. I do see why women have babies and families, but my more roundabout way of accomplishing this good life is what has saved me from being lost forever. Praise the Lord! I also don’t drink or do drugs! That helps significantly.

I wish you all the most wonderful days ahead, and thank you for reading my little synopsis of existence on this troubled planet. Please stay blessed and peaceful, everyone.

#Water #Planet #Earth #Healing #Treatment #Attitude #Gratitude #Blessed!

5 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes

  1. Developing the right habits helps create a more fulfilling life. Thanks for sharing yours. It’s good that your husband helps with the cooking and you specialized with laundry🙂

    Wishing you wellness. Free from anxiety and depression. The scene where the dog is sleeping next to you sounds so serene.


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