Meditation Bench

Yes, dear friends, I got myself a Meditation Bench. I’ll be using it as a Prayer and Meditation Bench, because that’s how I do. I’m thinking that not only will this clear my head, but it will also improve my posture.

It’s a beautiful pece of furniture, all the way from Canada. I can even travel with it, because it has a handy travel bag. I know! How cool is that?

Thank you all once again for indulging me with this little blog, but hey! I’ve gotten one hundred follows! More importantly, I’ve learned so much from all of you, dear readers, because my world has expanded by following you. Thank you to the max!

With all of this talk about a meditation bench, I think I’ll go right now and change the world. Quiet for twenty minutes, promoting peace. I trust the Lord will appreciate the attention, and I will rest in His care during this time. I think there’s some scripture I need to ponder as well. 🙂

#Pray #Quiet #Time #Hope #Peace #Vote #Trust #Love #Faith

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